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LLC.CO is your LLC headquarters. We’ve established this website to quickly, efficiently, and cheaply help you form a limited liability company in whatever State you would like.

The LLC is the preferred choice of business entities for people starting small businesses and large businesses.

One of the big advantages of forming an LLC is being able to start a business without having to worry about paying yourself. Many people choose an LLC to start because you won’t have to worry about payroll. Many new small businesses will just cut themselves a check out of the business bank account, and their account takes care of it at the end of the year.

LLCs have to pay self employment tax on this total. Eventually when your new business is profitable, you can declare yourself as an S corporation with the IRS, just use our incorporation service for that.

Pay yourself a regular wage, and then part of the profits of the company can be taken as a distribution of dividends. On the dividends, you won’t have to pay the Social Security or Medicaid tax. Which saves you about 15%